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Mila’s Sunflower Cake Smash Film





We all know that first birthday is cause for celebration! It isn’t always love at first sight, but that’s the joy: you’re capturing your little’s reaction to something new, in slow motion.

Plus, you get to pick the theme, they are totally custom! Anything from a #PNW themed smash with a heartfelt love letter, or a flower theme to a song that speaks for you, to a fun scripted smash in the theme of the office, you have options Mama!

What’s Included

set decoration + cake

Send me your Pinterest inspo boards, and we will make it happen! I provide the props, set-up and clean-up. You just need to bring an outfit!


filming session (1 hour) 

There is not need to stage or pose anything! You might even get more of an insight to your babes personality, because the video can’t really hide their thoughts on loving or hating being messy haha!

editing phase (up-to 2 weeks)  

I’ll cut down the 1.5 hours of footage into an edited 1-2 minute film with only the most precious, screen-worthy, cuteness overload moments.

included in your edit: 

I will source 1 licensed song that fits your babe’s vibe (music is so important!). And you better believe that I will be including all the cute laughs, sounds etc

Optional: voiceover.

I will finesse the film with a cinematic colour correction & sound mix. I promise to balance the sound so that you won’t have to ride the volume while watching. 

What you’ll receive: 

1-2 minute film  

12 in-action stills (photos)


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