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Hey I'm Tenille, but most call me T. You wouldn't believe it now, but I used to have a South African accent and I can’t even imitate it anymore...I love helping families freeze time with a family film! 


newborn Film

A day-in-the-life family film is something we might think is “mundane”, but it is beautiful, real and ultimately you! The small moments can easily get blurry in 20 years; a family film can help you remember this fleeting time! I have found that people know what a photo session looks like, but not a family […]

Day-in-the-Life Three Kids Under Three. I don’t think it gets more impressive than that. Chelsea is a Toronto-based mama blogger @withlovechelss and podcaster with three other moms @femmeconto, so she’s wise to the ways of babies: They grow up too fast. With her third and last babe out of her belly now, she wanted to […]

Here’s the thing: So often, we hear about someone’s journey to success after they’ve “made it.” Or we hear about their problems after they’ve figured out the solutions. And while there’s value in that, I think there’s more value in the play-by-play. So, in honour of a new year, I’ve decided to share more of […]

We first flew with my son when he was 4 months old, and now, at 16 months we have flown 5 times with him and let me tell you: we have learned a few things along the way. As with all things baby, as they get older, it gets easier in some ways and harder […]

Sophie + Lucas Donut Smash Whoever said cake smashes were for made for one never had a sibling. Sophie and Lucas’ mom contacted me about a cake smash film for her two littles. She seriously regretted not investing in one for Sophie’s first birthday (not the first time I’ve heard that!) And with Lucas’ first […]