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Hey I'm Tenille, but most call me T. You wouldn't believe it now, but I used to have a South African accent and I can’t even imitate it anymore...I love helping families freeze time with a family film! 


newborn Film

First steps on film

One of the perks of being a videographer is getting to film your own family. And now that my little guy, Jax, is officially walking (yes, walking!), I knew it was time to commemorate it on film.

Full disclosure: I filmed this milestone four months ago and just got around to editing it—I chalk it up to a combination of putting clients first and #momlife. The crazy thing about editing your babe four months after his first steps is you realize just how much he’s grown in that time! Jax still rocks a little waddle when he walks, but damn he’s perfected his stride in no time.

I know it’s such a mom thing to notice, but I can’t help but think of the symbolism at 0:22 when Jax lets go of my hand. There are so many phases as your baby grows up that require you to let go—physically and emotionally. Letting him go from the womb and into the world… then to childcare… then to school… then to adulthood! *cue sobs* It’s a metaphor for parenthood, isn’t it? And I’m so grateful that I can stop time with these films of my family.

Little known secret: Jax’s dad and I are big soul fans (and Jax may or may not have been conceived in New Orleans!), so naturally my favourite shot is when Jax is belting it like a soul singer at 1:33—check it out for a laugh while I sob about my baby growing up so fast!

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Filming Details
Location: Bebe Films Studio, North Saanich, BC
Camera: Lumix GH5
Music: ???

Cake: Darci Janes
Cake Topper: Creations by Sonia
Banner: DIY
Lantern: Amazon

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