Learn how to make beautiful memory films on your phone, that even your children's, children will watch! 

Learn to make beautiful memory films on your phone, that even your children's, children will watch

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DIY family film workshop

made for Mamas: 

Learn how to film; what to film, and in what order, to create beautiful films of the memories you're creating with your littles. 

❤︎ No video experience needed

❤︎ No fancy equipment needed  (just your phone)

❤︎  Don't need to be tech savvy 

❤︎  Instant online access to course 

❤︎ Unlimited lesson replays for 365 days

❤︎  3-day live training with me to go from step-one-to-step-done! (optional) 

Take a peek at what you could
create for YOUR family

(Made by a mama in the course)

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Lesson 1:
(2 min)

Learn how to start creating stories of your little ones life with video, instead of filling up your cloud with long, random clips of your kid (that might get lost within the 1000s of clips you'll have in next 20+ years)

1 of 10 camera moves you will learn


Lighting Tips 


How to Include your little ones voices


how to ADD TITLES 

how to record & add voice overs

And how to colour correct! 

What you will learn...

(2 Min)

Music is often overlooked, but apart from your cute humans, it's really the piece that helps tell the story, and may cause waterworks!

While you can't use copywritten music, you will get access to one of the top royalty free sites, Epidemic sound, for FREE!

Lesson 3:
cinematic camera moves 
(3 min)

Skip YouTube film school because I’m here to show you my ten favourite cinematic camera moves—and how you can include yourself in the frame, too!

How to hack editing
so it's fast!
 (4 min)

Learn everythinG in 35 minutes!

The thought of editing may be daunting for you, but after following my step-by-step videos of what to film (and in what order), you'll look like an editing pro with the app I recommend (free or paid option at $5/ month).

Put your hand up if you have LONGGGG video clips of special occasions? But do you realllllyyy want to watch a 10 minute long clip from your babes birthday amongst all the other 1000s of clips to watch when your babies have left the nest? 

So instead when you combine these lessons, you're going to be SO proud of the mini films that YOU created, and will actually want to watch. 

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Mama made films!

Watch these first try 
keepsake films, shot + edited by mamas like you! 

I'm all in for $97

Sign up and dive in! If after the first 3 videos you feel as though I haven't delivered at least 10x the amount ($970) of actionable ideas, advice, and insights, I will happily refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Just email me before you start the 4th video of the course for a full refund. This is my guarantee to you!

100% Guarantee

only $97



Sadly you can't use copywritten songs (if you want to post online), but I've got you covered so you don't have to pay for royalty free music :) (value $267)

1. Done for you storyboards! 

i’m sharing the actual storyboards for the following films, so you can re-create them. 


i. Babies first steps

ii. Hide 'n seek w/ stuffie

iii. birthday

bébé mama wear

20% off


Less than getting your hair done! 

for only $97

a "mad-libs" style storyboard generator to help you craft your own mini films! 

What  Mamas are saying?

"You taught me more in a week than ANY of my professors did in 4 years."

"It has taken me from knowing nothing, and cursed with tech, to making my own mini films!"

"The modules were short and to point making learning actually fun and intriguing"

"Omg Just started and I am obessed already"

"I've always taken video, but now I know how to tell a story rather than a random clips on my phone"

This is a course that you will buy once, learn in 35 minutes, and get to use your new skills for life! A lifetime of beautiful memories for you and your kids to watch when they've left home and even share with their children, and their children's, children!!!

Learn during nap

film when they wake-up

only $97

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Is a life skill to create beautiful memories worth it?

When I had my son in August 2018, I knew I needed a better way to capture his memories. I was literally taking videos daily on my cell phone, and where are they now? Unwatched on my iCloud. And it’s daunting to even think about finding a clip of him taking his first steps now, let alone in 20 years from now!

So I turned my 10-year promo video career on a 180 and opened Bébé Films and started making family films for my family and yours.

I wish I could be with you every day, capturing your memories. Because I can’t, and because I believe that everyone should have keepsake films of their favourite memories, I created this course. If I can’t be there every day to film your family, I can at least teach you how on your phone, in the most simple, easy-to-follow way!

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hi, i am Tenille 

I want you to teach me!

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