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Hey I'm Tenille, but most call me T. You wouldn't believe it now, but I used to have a South African accent and I can’t even imitate it anymore...I love helping families freeze time with a family film! 


newborn Film

What to when your kid isn’t having it

That smile. Those baby squeals. I mean, c’mon. This little gent was a dream to work with—so wonderful, in fact, we went with a Mr. ONEderful theme, and I spent happy hours listening to Michael Bublé-esque songs that would do that bowtie and suspenders justice!

After driving from the Westshore to Saanich with mom and dad, and showing up in this (very friendly!) stranger’s big, white studio, Theo was not having it. Tears were shed. Moms were held. Until he saw the cake. Then we were in business. You never know what babes will (or won’t!) like when filming their cake smash—9 times out of 10, they ignore the cake in favour of literally anything else—but Theo actually loved the cake. (I think his dad may have loved it, too—we caught him taste-testing it on the sly! Ha!)

Take it from me, kiddos don’t always behave the way we’d like them to (understatement of the year?! I think so…), but however your kid is behaving on the day of their cake smash, we’ll work with it. Sometimes the cake is enough, other times it takes balloons and high jinks to distract them. Whatever it takes, I’ve got tricks up my sleeve as both a videographer and mom to help us capture your little in all their emotional glory.

If you’re still undecided on a cake smash film for your babe, watch Theo plant his little bum on the cake at 1:27 and try not to smile.

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Filming Details
Location: Bebe Films Studio, North Saanich, BC
Camera: Lumix GH5
Music: ???

Cake: Darci Janes
Cake Topper: Creations by Sonia
Banner: Creations by Sonia
Garland: Amazon

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